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Our Peeps are on display!! We’re all set for the #OccoquanPeepShow on April 19th! #Occoquan #Peeps (at Spiral Creations)

Lots of Spring Easter goodies have just arrived.  The Peter Rabbit 3D plates are music boxes, so cute.  #Spring #Easter #Occoquan 


First Annual Occoquan Peep Show!

Join us for our first official Occoquan Peep Show! Each year the Washington Post holds a contest for the best diorama scene made with Peeps, and this year Occoquan has decided to join in the fun! 

On April 19th enjoy walking through town while seeing what imaginative masterpiece each participating store has designed. After you’ve seen them all use the provided ballots and vote for your favorite, the winning store will have bragging rights all year! But that’s not all! One of the entered ballots will be chosen at random and the winner will receive a giant plush Peep! 

This will be a great event for the whole family. The kids will love the Peeps and will love that the Easter Bunny will be visiting town from noon until 3 o’clock. AND be one of the first 300 people to visit Glory Be and you’ll receive a FREE official Peep hat!

Don’t forget to use #Occoquan Peep Show for your pictures!

We’ll be participating and we’re very excited about our entry! :D

The Mighty Thor has stopped by for a visit! #OccoquanPeepShow #Thor #cosplay #Peeps (at Spiral Creations)

Check out these teeny tiny birdies sitting in a teeny tiny tree! #OccoquanPeepShow (at Spiral Creations)

Miss. Bunny gets her ear pierced! #OccoquanPeepShow #Peeps #Occoquan #Piercing (at Spiral Creations)

Mystery Bags are here!! Each one is $5 and contains random jewelry pieces. Each one is a surprise!

Here’s a sneak peek of something we’re working on. Can anyone guess what it is? #OccoquanPeepShow


Holiday Season 2013

Photos of Occoquan dressed up for the 2013 Holiday Season!

Need a last minute #gift? We have tons! #christmas #gifts #occoquan #presents (at Spiral Creations)